You know you’ve lost it when you start doing physics problems to start “a relaxing evening”
Survived my hell of a Thursday!

Brutal physiology & anatomy midterm followed by a practical patient care and positioning exam.

Not to mention a patient care midterm and positioning critique quiz earlier this week. 

One more quiz tomorrow and I can finally get my apple pie! :D 

Hit my elbow and instead of thinking “ow my funny bone” like a normal person, I thought “ow my medial epicondyle!”

Didn’t think I could get nerdier.



she just stood there doing this little dance until we got up

By Lauren [tumblr]

(via thefrogman)


"See people usually don’t like it when their friends don’t like the same food as them but I’m like “MORE FOR ME!” You go ahead and be different and don’t like the food that I like!"
My Sister

Another nice thing about being a super busy student is that you really start to appreciate the little things like driving, taking hot showers and going to the gym. Those pockets of time when I’m not slouched over my desk (or XRay tube) and I truly allow my brain a break is really saving my sanity.


Ta-da! First exposure! 
(It was a phantom hand but still…)

Ta-da! First exposure! 

(It was a phantom hand but still…)


Wish list

1. Asymmetrical tartan plaid skort (inspired by Clara from Doctor Who)

2. Chelsea boot with giant zipper 

3. Cage bra 

Glen and I just watched Godzilla and we both concluded that Godzilla is a giant Dragonite (hyper beam and all). Yet another moment when I thought “yeah, I’m with the right guy.”


James Blake - Retrograde

Really digging this…